COSTFORD - Residential Projects

Housing is the largest component of COSTFORD’s 25 years of work in providing cost-effective, energy efficient, resource-sensitive architecture. As visitors fly over Kerala, they look down on a carpet of coconut, banana, and other lush vegetation and marvel at the verdant splendour of this state. What those who live in Kerala know is that under each cluster of coconut trees is probably a house and, increasingly, it may well be a COSTFORD brick house. The following photographs include samples of houses of varying sizes categorised as:

  • LIG or EWS (Lower Income Group or Economically Weaker Sector) – under 350 square feet (s.f.)
  • LMIG (Low Middle Income Group) – 350 – 1,000 s.f.
  • HMIG (High Middle Income Group) – 1,000 – 2,000 s.f.
  • HIG (High Income Group) – over 2,000 s.f.

    To date, these numbers of houses have been provided under a variety of housing schemes:

    SL.NO Projects Total
    01 NREP 1200
    02 NREGP 3100
    03 JRY 520
    04 IAY 610
    05 Peoples Planning 5600
    06 SC Development 320
    07 ST Development 1200
    00 TOTAL: 12,550