Laurie Baker(1917-2007) , Master Architect

Sustainability and green building are now catchwords of the 21st century, but architect Laurie Baker (1917-2007) was living these concepts at the inception of WWII in China and eventually during his six decades in India. Baker operated more as a master builder with affinity for hands-on involvement at sites rather than an office-confined architect. He was also a talented artist and cartoonist with a ready wit and willingness to expose nonsense in the building world and, indeed, the world in general.

A testament to his success is the continued existence of COSTFORD and the thousands of Baker-inspired buildings – public and private – continuing to be built. COSTFORD’s cost-effective architecture now carries forward the philosophical and technological heritage crafted by Baker. His last project in Vilappilsala now houses the Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies providing both hands-on training in the building technologies he promoted and professional training in his design and construction philosophy for architects and those interested in alternative ways to craft built environments.

Further details on Baker’s life and work are available in the Laurie Baker section of this website and also at the Baker family website –


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